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Is Carpet Tile the Right Flooring for Your Home or Business?

Carpet tiles have been a popular carpet option for many years as a replacement for traditional broadloom carpet. These tiles are a versatile and easy to install carpeting option that give you freedom of design without hurting your budget. With the advantages come the disadvantages to consider when you are looking to use carpet tiles in your home or office.

Advantages of Using Carpet Tile vs. Traditional Carpet
When you compare carpet tile and traditional carpeting, the first advantage is the ease of installation. Carpet tiles can be cut to fit a variety of room shapes so that the laying process is centered on each individual tile. When you have traditional carpet installed, the process is more time consuming because the carpet installer only has one large piece of carpet to work with and fit to the room rather than individual pieces. You can install the carpet tiles on your own or have them installed by a carpet expert for a cheaper price than a traditional carpet installation.

Another advantage of carpet tiles is that if a tile becomes damaged or worn, it can be easily removed and replaced with a new tile. If the same type of damage occurs to traditional carpeting, it is likely that the entire carpet will need to be replaced. The carpet tiles have a strong backing that do not require adhesive and they can be installed in a variety of patterns and colors to suit your floor scheme. Unlike carpeting, tiles can also be easily installed over a variety of flooring without the need for any padding.

Disadvantages of Carpet Tile Flooring
Although carpet tile is a great flooring choice for oddly shaped rooms or small areas, it does come with its limitations. Since the tiles are all installed individually, it may be difficult to achieve a cohesive, one-carpet style look.

The non-cohesive, disjointed look may not be appropriate for living areas in the home or for parts of your office that are customer-facing. The edges of the tile can also pull, making the tiles look uneven. Traditional carpeting is a better option for areas like this in the home and office because it offers a more streamlined and professional appearance whereas carpet tiles may be best for your children’s play room, a garage work area, your private office or a small room such as a storage area.

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