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5 Simple Tips to Dry Wet Carpets

Drying a wet carpet can be a cumbersome process. Most of the people use floor to floor carpeting and it become really hard to dry the carpet. Drying a small carpet is fairly easy. You just have to remove the carpet and dry it outside. Let us look at 5 easy ways to dry wet carpet.

Simple Ways to Dry Wet Carpets


Use towels

The first step is to remove as much water as possible from the carpet. Place paper towels over the carpet and apply pressure on it to remove water from the carpet. If there is too much water cloth towel can be used to remove excess water and use paper towel to remove the rest of the water till the carpet is dry. Make sure that the water has not seeped to the padding. If it has seeped to the padding then it will be necessary to remove the carpet and then dry it. Using towel to clean a wet carpet is the best solution only when there is little spillage.

Use vacuum cleaner

Most of the vacuum cleaner can be used only for dry cleaning so use a wet vacuum cleaner to remove the water from the carpet. Vacuum cleaner is very effective in removing water from the carpet. It should be noted that vacuum cleaner removes the water only from the carpet and not the water that seeps to the padding.

Use Dryer

Use paper towels to remove the excess water and then using a fan or blower or hair dryer to dry the carpet will be very effective. Excess water should be drained first before using a dryer this will help in drying the carpet fast and also save electricity. You can use commercial floor fans and dehumidifiers as well to dry the carpet.

Remove the furniture

Remove the furniture from the carpet and then drain the excess water using paper towel. Leaving the furniture on the wet carpet will damage the carpet and the furniture. After removing the furniture and draining the excess water, allow enough air circulation in the room so that the carpet can dry.

Remove the carpet from the floor

Remove the wet part of the carpet from the floor and use a fan or dryer to dry the carpet. It is essential to make sure that the bottom part of the carpet is completely dry. If it is not dry then it might lead to formation of mold which will harm the carpet and the flooring. It is also essential to make sure that the padding is clean as well. By removing the wet part of the carpet and drying it, you can dry the padding as well.

If there is too much water on the carpet and if it is impossible to clean the carpet without damaging it, it is advisable to call professionals to do the job.

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