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Why We Love Stainmaster™ Carpets

First introduced in 1986, Stainmaster™ carpeting revolutionized the flooring industry by introducing a stain-resistant carpet that is also crush-resistant, with a treatment that does not to be reapplied after steam cleaning. Stainmaster helped to reinvigorate the carpeting industry, and lead to an upswing in white and light-colored carpets for homes. With its 30th anniversary this year, let’s take a look at why Stainmaster has become one of the most prominent carpeting brands.

Stain-Resistant Construction

The biggest draw to Stainmaster carpets is their stain-resistance construction, which combines the construction of the carpet fibers themselves with special dyes that help to neutralize stains. Stainmaster’s carpets are constructed from durable nylon that are meant to mimic self-cleaning flower petals, drawing away dirt and moisture from the fibers. The nylon is then coated with a clear coating after the nylon is dyed, which neutralizes further stains and spills.

Crush-Resistant and Durable

Stainmaster’s construction makes the carpet more crush-resistance as well. Dents and crushed areas in Stainmaster carpets will quickly disappear after steam cleaning, and the Ultralife line guarantees up to 20 years against matting and crushing. This makes Stainmaster perfect for active family homes, and especially in high-traffic areas, like offices, stairwells and entranceways.


While no carpet is completely resistant to stains and soil, Stainmaster’s resistance to soil makes having a Stainmaster carpet ideal for homes with children or pets. White or lighter colored carpets are more likely to show soil tracks, as these colors don’t easily mimic or hide soil and dirt, but with regular annual cleaning, Stainmaster carpets will continue to look as if brand-new for years.

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