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How to Remove Dog Urine From Carpet

If you are thinking how to remove dog urine from carpet, then consider taking a look at this article. These tips on how to get dog pee stains out of carpet will definitely work as a carpet saver.
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The Size of The Carpet/Rug

You might have to consider taking up the carpet or the rug if the urine is widespread or the dog has peed in different places. This might seem like a struggle, but believe me, this is the best way to clean dog urine from carpet. It might be costly, though.

Paper Towels

If your dog urinates within the last couple of hours, then the moisture will still be there. Get some paper towel and a pair of gloves that you can trash it afterwards as washing these gloves can be a tiresome task. Apply pressure with the paper towel on the urinated place. Keep doing this until you get all the liquid.

The Baking Soda

Get some baking soda and add a generous dash to your carpet. Before you do this, try to spot check it to ensure that it will not stain the place. Then wait for at least 45 minutes for the baking soda to soak up in the liquid and make sure its sucks all the smell out. I totally recommend you to use a generous amount of the soda or you might have to go through this whole process again.

Vacuum it

Now you will have to vacuum the whole area to make sure that you dry the area completely. This step can get rid the smell of the urine from your precious carpet.

Note : if you notice a white residue of the baking soda power is hard to remove, then it means that the stain is not dry enough; in such cases spread a little more baking soda on the stain and let it stand until it gets dry completely, then do a vacuum again. The most important thing to consider while DIY -ing is to spot check any treatment before actually doing it.

The Reminder

Start applying these techniques as soon as your spot the stain, the more time it is left, more it will be absorbed, especially if there is a pad underneath. After you have done with stain removal it’s time to remove the bad smell from the carpet. Let it stand for 40 minutes and now vacuum it to take the smell off.

If you are still aware of how to get dog pee stains out of carpet, then consider taking it to a professional carpet cleaner who can do this for you. These stains and smell can be removed as well as can make your carpet brand new. Check out the web today to find a provider near you. Also, consider talking with them about their procedures and any DIY’s that you can follow. Professional carpet and upholstery cleaning services offer the right service and your carpet will look fresh and clean for years to come.

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