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10 DIY Homemade Carpet Stain Removers

In recent years, there was a shift towards organic and natural products and working hard to keep things as “clean” and chemical free products as possible. One of the best ways in which people have tried to do this is by making their own do it yourself cleaners at home. The idea of best carpet removers for carpet is not new certainly, but it has been retouched with a new – gen look for all organic and natural solutions to all problems.

Today, there is no home without carpet, but cleaning them is a very critical situation. Toxic chemicals and harsh cleaners might cause health concerns and can also spoil the beauty of your expensive carpet.

So, what are the best carpet spot cleaners available ? This list on top 15 DIY homemade carpet stain removers comes handy when needed.

Best Carpet Stains and Spot Removers

Best Carpet Stains and Spot Removers

1. Vinegar

A superstar of stain removal is vinegar. Try these various homemade solutions to take off the wide range of common stains.

  • With a mixture of 2 tbs salts mixed with half cup white vinegar, rub it directly on the stains. Let the solutions dry thoroughly, then vacuum
  • For darker and thicker stain, add two tbs borax to the solution and use in the same way as mentioned above.
  • For paint stains, use laundry detergent with vinegar and rinse with cold water.

2. Shaving cream

For juice stains on the carpet, use a small amount of shaving cream and blot it with a wet sponge and clean with a clean tissue or a cloth.

3. Cornstarch

To remove ink stains from your precious carpet. Use a small amount of milk and cornstarch and apply directly to the ink stain. Cornstarch is also a strong absorbent which can suck all the oil and stains quickly.

4. Salt

Don’t panic if you accidentally spill the red wine on the carpet. Sprinkle some salt directly on the wet stain and clean with a sponge and cold water. Also, don’t forget to vacuum it.

5. Borax

Dump the stained part thoroughly, then use a small quantity of borax. Pat it dry, then blot it with a clean tissue or a cloth and vacuum it. You can also use it with vinegar for tough stains.

6. Baking soda

One of the best choice to remove urine stains from the carpet is to use baking soda. Wipe up as much as much liquid you can , then sprinkle baking soda on the spot and blot it with a paper towel. Let this DIY mixture dry completely. Remove the residue and vacuum it completely.

7. Meat tenderizer

You can also use a meat tenderizer to take off the blood stains from your carpet. Cover the stain with equal parts of cold water and meat tenderizer and soak for 30 to 40 minutes. The longer it soaks, the deeper the stain gets removed. Then blot the residue with a sponge and cold water.

8. Club soda

To remove bad smell and pet urine from your carpet. Club soda comes handy. If you are constantly searching for best stain remover for carpet, then club soda is the right choice. Also, it can also be used to remove coffee and tea stains.

9. Baby wipes

You can use baby wipes to take off the spills from the carpet as it can absorb the stain and liquid quickly. This effective carpet stain remover is also an effective DIY to remove carpet stains.

10. Ice cubes

Isn’t it crazy? Yes, sometimes your kids might put chewing gum on the carpet. The gum gets stuck in the fibers. Freeze it with the ice cubes in a cloth or plastic zipper, then scrape with a spoon or a knife. Dry the fluid. Also, try a patch test before doing any DIY on your carpet.

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