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Health Risks of Filthy Carpets and Prevention Tips

The carpet which brings beauty and style to your home can also cause serious health risks and problems if not cleaned regularly or maintained. It can majorly impact the health, because the carpet traps pollutants such as dust, pollens, fungi and toxins.  Dirty carpets can make you sick especially if you have allergies that have to be catered to.

4 Health Risks of Filthy Carpets

If you think that you have put in the best carpet and assured a clean environment for yourself and your family, read below to understand the health risks you may be exposed to unless you are resting on a clean carpet.

1 Skin irritation: In case your carpet is not clean enough, it contains irritants which cause skin irritation and in effects leads problems like itching and redness.  One of the extreme health risks with dirty carpet is disease called athlete’s foot. There have been reports of this disease being caused when a person walks of a dirty carpet with dirty feet.  An Asthma attack can also be triggered by the particles of dust present on dirty carpet.

2 Dust mites:  Dirty carpet houses dust mites which feed off of the bacteria and skin cells of humans that live in your carpet.  This can cause nose inflammation and skin rashes in people who are allergic to dust. Dust mites are very common allergens and most people are allergic to dust mites. Even when the dust mites die, the carcass can be inhaled which causes severe rashes, nose and eye irritation.

3 Mold: Dirty and damp carpets develop molds. Microscopic organisms like bacteria and fungi on mold tend to cause several health problems like weakening of the immune system that naturally leads to other associated issues. There are also risks of developing molds in areas that are affected with high humidity. Bronchial Asthma is one disease that is chronic and majorly associated with dampness and molds. Naturally the carpet becomes the housing place for the dampness that causes various health problems.

4 Respiratory problems: A filthy carpet becomes a perfect place for germs and organisms. There are different health risks that these germs can cause like runny nose or cough. It should also be noted that dirty carpets also produce mycotoxins which is harmful if we inhale it. This is why dirty carpets have been cited as a major source of indoor pollution.

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How to Prevent Health Risks of Filthy Carpets

How to prevent health risks of filthy carpets may seem complicated but in actual it may be simple. Prevention from the above mentioned health hazards is done by cleaning your carpet on regular basis. Vacuum cleaning should be done often but the best way is to take help of professional carpet cleaners because vacuuming at times may not be enough.

It is difficult to clean the carpet on your own and professional cleaners use equipment that can thoroughly cleanse your carpets. Professional cleaning of the carpet must be done on regular basis. Pittsburgh carpet cleaning professionals offer customized Carpet Cleaning services at affordable rates making it easy for you to afford a healthy lifestyle.

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