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How Cleaner Carpet Prevent Allergies

Just as the clothes that we were need regular grooming, the upholstery and the flooring in our homes needs to be regularly cleaned as well. While this may not be needed every day, but periodic cleaning is certainly a main requirement of every household that intends to live a cleaner life and fall sick lesser. If you think that picking up the thicker dirt and dust is enough, well here it telling you why accumulated dirt, grime and stains are the major factors detrimental for allergies and common ailments. Destructive and harmful to health, the common mites and germs in the carpet fibers can be very strong stimuli for health and overall wellbeing of the family.

It is also noteworthy to mention that while the costs of replacing the carpets and not easily affordable, the costs of cleaning the carpets, either at home or by engaging a professional are minimal and nothing as compared to the bills you would pay if someone in your family were o fall sick with unhygienic living conditions.

We also need to pay attention to the 85% of the dirt and grime that the carpets hold in the fibers. What we see on the top is just a very little element of the entire dirt and grime on the carpet that may or may not show visibly on the surface. And when you realise the fact that a carpet can actually hold dirt and dust equivalent to its own weight, then you know that the reasons for regular cleaning the carpet are far more heavier than the regular vacuuming the is done.

Here is why cleaning the carpet is extremely essential and how it prevents allergies and promotes a healthy body:

  • Stains and spots: Cleaning the carpet ensures the cleaning of stains and spots that are the preferred places for odour and germs to originate. This promotes a healthier vascular system and do not let the respiratory allergens thrive.
  • An increase in the life expectancy of the carpet is also possible with regular cleaning. Naturally, this means that the Carpet would last longer and also the costs of replacing the carpets are reduced.
  • Cleaning also ensures that the dust, dirt, grime and germs are completely removed from the carpet. That means that even the particles that form the allergens that lie within the fibers and underneath the visible layer are also cleaned thoroughly.
  • Of course, not to forget that the overall appearance of the Carpet looks much better and increases. Almost making your carpet look like new!
  • Destroy the mites and the bacteria that are a common cause of Stomach allergens that cause diarrhea and loose motions in children. With the little knees and hands on the carpet all day, you need to make sure that the carpet is clean.
  • Moulds are the biggest reason for children and adults in the household falling sick. Cleaning caters to the problem of the moulds that develop in the inner layers of the carpet and are very harmful for pets and family members
  • A fresh and clean smelling carpet also ensures a bright and cleaner environment in the home. Positivity and fragrance brings in good health and positive vibes ensure happiness.

Need we say more? For the best homes that grow together in happiness, cleanliness is an important factor after all!

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