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A Guide to Frieze Carpet

An update on the shag style of the 60s’ and 70s, frieze carpets are becoming popular choices for homes looking to bring a bit of comfort to their floors. Frieze carpets fall into the twist category of carpets (which includes both shag and cable carpets), meaning that the carpets have long fibers that typically twist back into themselves. The main difference between a frieze carpet and a shag carpet is that frieze fibers are thinner, compared to bulky shag twists.

What are the benefits and drawbacks to installing a frieze carpet for your home?

Frieze carpets are a popular choice thanks to their high durability. Unlike carpets with fibers that stand straight up (such as plush, Saxony or a cut-pile carpet), frieze carpet fibers fall to the side, which offers the strongest support and make the fibers more durable, meaning that frieze carpets don’t crush as easily as other types.

Perfect For High Traffic Areas
Along with its high durability, frieze is ideal for high traffic areas in your home. Frieze is easy to maintain, and it looks naturally clean, even hiding dirt and dust. The texture is plush and comfy, perfect for coming home after a long day of work or providing extra warmth during the winter months.

Despite its neat appearance, frieze carpeting can be harder to clean. Unlike a spill on a carpet with short fibers (like a cut-pile carpet), where the spill will stay on top of the carpet and is easier to remove, frieze’s looser carpet fibers allow the spill to run throughout the carpet, making it harder to clean up.

Frieze carpet is also more expensive than other carpet styles, as materials, twist level and face weight are included in the price of the carpet. Nylon frieze carpets, while highly durable, are more expensive than a PET frieze; a frieze with highly twisted fibers will cost more; and the amount of materials or fabric used in the frieze will greatly affect the cost of the carpet.

Pittsburgh Carpet can help you find the best carpet for your home. Whether its frieze, plush or Berber, Pittsburgh Carpet offers a wide variety of carpet styles to bring comfort and style to your home, with our expert installation. Call us today at 412-927-5454 to learn more or to schedule an appointment today!

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