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5 Tips to Get Stains Out of Carpet

Be it juice or your little one dropping ketchup, the stains on the carpet flooring is not uncommon. This is why Pittsburgh Carpet brings to you expert advice for cleaning your carpets at home without burning a hole in to your pocket. While there are some products that you can find in the house as well, some expert cleaning products are also available in the market.

Carpet Cleaning Tips to Know Before you Start

Before you begin the actual cleaning process, every time the carpet stains make sure that you blot it and spot dry the carpet with a dry cloth or a tissue such that it does not seep in through the carpet. Easy Carpet cleaning tips also include some easy ways to blot the carpet. Take for instance wine stains and spills. Dropping enough amount of talcum powder immediately would help to absorb the stain and not let the stain percolate through.

And of course every time you believe in the easiest carpet cleaning tips on the various products in the market, make sure you test them in a small area before you actually use them on the carpet such that they do not spoil it.

Tips to Remove Stains out of Carpet

Pittsburgh Carpet shares with you the best know how to clean stains of the carpet. Some important and easy ones are shared here.

  1. For water soluble stains mix white vinegar with a liter of water and rub over the surface. Water soluble stains would include mud, soups, gravies, ice cream, jelly, milk and colas.
  2. Special Water soluble stains like blood, vomit, tea, coffee and mustard are a little tricky when it comes to cleaning. For this try mixing one part of bleach with five parts of water. Do not use this for woolen carpets. The rest of course would fare well.
  3. Pet stains, are an unwanted and uninvited stain, but are not very easy to clean otherwise. So how to clean the carpet when your loving pet has just stained it? For removing the odour, the white vinegar mixed with water is the best and for tough stains, add laundry detergent and water in a spray bottle.
  4. Fats and oils like butter, clarified butter and oil spills are the most gruesome looking stains. But we tell you why you should not worry about them. Place a paper towel on the surface and glide a hot iron over it. The fat stain will stick to the paper towel and leave the carpet at once.
  5. Cigarette Burns are another common issue and all you have to do is scrap the burnt portion of with a dull knife and see it vanish before your eyes.

How to clean stains of the carpet may not seem to be a task after you know all these tips and tricks to keep your carpet looking fresh and wonderful. Call Pittsburgh Carpets or follow the face book page for more tips and help!

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