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5 Methods of Carpet Cleaning

Carpets have been long preferred as the best suited and designed flooring ideas where in the carpet that used be monotonous and dull, has now progressed into various varieties and types that can be easily afforded. With the advancement in the technology, it has also become the most preferred choice, with easy installation and maintenance that is now possible. While you may wish to engage a professional for cleaning your carpets, the good news is that you can do it yourself as well.

All you need is enough knowledge and skills to make sure that what you are doing is right and you can start immediately. We give you five best ways to lean the carpets with ease and in your budgets.

  1. Carpet Cleaning using Steam: This is the best and the most thorough method that can be used. Steam cleaning may be also called the hot water extracting method. And it one of the most recommended methods that are used such that the maintenance of carpets and the quality of cleaning cannot be matched. The carpet fibres have to be penetrated with high temperature steam and this breaks the dirt in the fibres, making the carpets look as good as new again!

    While this method is the most recommended, get this done on a sunny day. It usually takes longer for the carpet to dry if this is the method of cleaning that has been used.

  2. Dry Carpet Cleaning: Almost as good as the dry clean service used on clothes, this is just a little bigger and better and suited to the textures and fibres of the carpets. This makes the carpet stay dry and also cleans the dirt completely. The only problem is that this would be done by an expert who would have the requisite machinery. The powdered solvent that is spread on the surface and worked in, also kills all the pests that may have found their way inside the carpet. Let’s also agree that the cleaning is good but not as good as the steam cleaning method.
  3. Carpet Shampooing: This may be considered as the oldest method of carpet cleaning such that it has been easiest and sued since ages. By working on small areas at one time, shampoo is worked over the surface of the carpet and cleaned. This has a major advantage of adding sheen to the carpet. And therefore this makes your carpet look new again. It needs to be vacuumed immediately after shampooing though!
  4. Bonnet Cleaning: Is again a very effective way of cleaning the carpets. The buffer that is used in this case is not a brush but a bonnet. Dipping the bonnet into the shampoo solution, it is worked onto the carpet. And then entire carpet would just dry up in 30 minutes flat.
  5. Carpet Foam Cleaning: Now this is wonderful too. Cleaning foams are worked on the surface of the carpet and the solution is then left to dry which is then extracted with a vacuum. This is a method that can actually clean the carpet thoroughly and make the best of time.

Carpet cleaning may be complicated or simple depending upon the needs that you have. It is best to evaluate the carpet and then decided upon the cleaning method.

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