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Are you looking to get a new carpet installed in your home?
Do you want to replace your old worn-out carpet with a new one?

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I am new to Pittsburgh; so, after moving into my new home in my new city, my first job was setting up the home. I had no idea about the best service providers in the city; so, my only ways of getting information was my neighbors and the internet. I decided to have faith in my neighbors; it was one of my kind neighbors who introduced me to Pittsburgh Carpet. I contacted them for getting carpets installed in my hallway and living room.

I am not only impressed with their services, but found their services and working procedure extremely enriching. I had lived in 2 homes before this on my own and each time I hired professionals to carry out carpet installation in my home. However, still I didn’t know so many things about carpet and carpet maintenance that the Pittsburgh Carpet staff taught me. The technicians representing the company finished the installation job quickly, with complete precision and zero fuss. I am extremely happy with the company and will also hire them for carpet cleaning.

” George Smith “


I was asked to contact Pittsburgh Carpet by my doctor. Your might find this statement a bit weird, but when you have a family where all members have history of allergy, doctors at times do offer such strange suggestions. When I contacted Pittsburgh Carpet, I was asked a few questions about my carpet and then they fixed an appointment for doing a survey of the carpet.

The very next day I saw a team arriving at my place; they checked the level of dirt, dust and allergens accumulated in the carpet. The amount was really shocking; I am the one to blame for this because as a result of being prone to allergies I tend to avoid cleaning carpets and also stayed away from hiring a professional service provider. Seeing the condition of my carpet and considering that our doctor has asked us to get the cleaning job done they decided to clean the carpet on that very day. They used a series of advanced equipment and vacuuming machines for completing the job. They have shown real professionalism in the way they handled the issue; I now get my carpet cleaned by Pittsburgh Carpet once in every six months.

” Eva Gilmore “


Being a person who has never bothered about how his home looks or how comfortable it is I had no idea about the types of carpet available on the market. However, after getting married my life changed and I had to think about all these things. However, my job was made a lot easier by Pittsburgh Carpet as far as choosing the carpet type was concerned.

First they surveyed my home and then based on what they saw, they made a few recommendations. I was asked to opt for any one from them and when I spoke to my wife about the choice made by me she was really impressed. This was followed by a great carpet installation work in my home’s hallway. It’s been a little over five months since the carpet has been installed; now, I am planning to contact them again for hiring the services of their cleaning technicians.

” Geoffrey White “